We Deliver Solutions and Support Them


Help Desk Support

Our knowledgeable and helpful London based support teams are always readily available to assist you with any of your IT related queries. We deal with queries over the phone, email and if needed on site.

Cloud Solutions

Keeping all your applications and data on local machines has many risks and restrictions. We can help you join the millions around the world who rely on cloud computing to improve safety and reliability.

Digital Transformation

Don’t be shackled by out of date legacy systems and paper based protocols. We’ll help you transition to modern and easy to use computer solutions, saving your company time and money.

Network Services

With the world connected 24/7 thanks to the internet, it becomes easy for businesses to fall behind without good networking. We’ll sort all that out so you never miss a thing no matter where you are or when.

Data Backup

Ever worry about losing your work and data in the event of a hardware malfunction, theft or natural disaster? We can set you up with secure and reliable backup solutions so you never have to worry about data again.

Onsite Assistance

Whether you need help setting up new systems at your work place or if you would just prefer someone to be there to assist you with existing set ups, we are always available for onsite visits.

Routine Checkups

A lot of the time hardware and software issues can occur without the user even knowing, or are often ignored. With our routine checkups we can be sure to identify these before they get worse.

IT Consultations

For those who may be unsure of what they want or need in terms of their IT implementations, we are here to assess your situation and offer our honest opinions on what should be done.

Remote Aid

For some problems you may encounter it might not be necessary for us to physically be at your location, in which case we offer Remote Access allowing us to fix your systems remotely.

Full System Security

The internet makes it easier than ever for criminals to access, destroy or steal your valuable data. We can provide each and every one of your systems with state of the art security to prevent this from happening.

Hardware Installation

With how important and expensive computer related technology can be for your business, it is vital that everything is set up correctly. With Convoy Digital you can rest assured this will happen.

Software Licensing

It can be incredibly dangerous to use software that has not come from the original source. We only provide officially licensed software giving you the highest level of reliability and developer support.

Server Management

Computer servers can be some of the most complicated systems to work with. We can take care of the set up and management of what is usually a critical part of a businesses network structure.

Multiplatform Support

No matter which platform you use (whether it be Windows, Mac or Linux), we at Convoy Digital will make sure all your systems can work flawlessly together across platforms with no compatibility issues.

Software Development

Most of the time there are existing applications to suit any need. However if that is not the case, our qualified software programmers are on hand to develop what you require if necessary.

Emergency Call Outs

For times when you need assistance urgently, we are able to provide same day call outs for emergencies (depending on location). No need to book an appointment or wait days before being seen.